The Piscine AT 42 Singapore

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the 42 Piscine. Just dive in and try it out for yourself!

What is the Piscine?

The last step in the application process is the Piscine. During the Piscine, ‘Pisciners’ (candidates, you!) will dive into the world of coding. By working through challenging projects and solving daily assignments alongside your peers, you are given the opportunity to figure out if 42 Singapore’s peer-to-peer learning method suits you.

The word Piscine means “swimming pool” in French. The idea is that everyone should learn to swim by first diving into the water.

This is our final filtering process in which you will be coding non-stop for 26 days, 7 days a week, day and night.

No prior programming knowledge is required; you will be starting from the basics before moving on to more complex coding exercises.

You will meet new friends, build long-lasting connections, and make powerful contributions to our knowledge-sharing ecosystem.

You will try and fail, repeatedly. But this trial-and-error period is a learning process which builds stamina, determination, creativity and problem-solving skills.

The Piscine takes place in our campus and must be completed in-person. It is a demanding, yet unforgettable, incredibly rewarding, once-in-a-lifetime experience!


Technical Skills

You will learn to code starting from the very basics, and gain C programming skills which provides a foundation to other programming languages.

Soft Skills

You will sharpen valuable interpersonal and management skills, through discussions and evaluation sessions with your peers.


Ultimately, you will develop lifelong learning habits as well as the agility to adapt to industry trends, which will equip you for a rewarding career.



Mark these dates in your calendar and start your application process as and when you are ready.